Who are you attracting?

Searching for information on digital marketing might leave you with the impression that the point is to generate as much traffic as possible. That may be true if you're marketing a consumer product with a target market of, well, everyone. What if you're a business marketing to other businesses in a narrow category of products or services? The answer is widely shared but, oddly, rarely stated in the negative.

WhatsApp and why financial valuation can't be the reason

I don't think you can attempt to value WhatsApp with normal financial methods and find a way to rationalize $16-$19 billion. I couldn't find a way to see paying more than $2.6 billion to maybe $9 billion. This wasn't about the financial value of WhatsApp by itself or Facebook would've been better off investing in a broad index of stocks if they wanted to create shareholder wealth. There has to be a vision of superb upside synergy. Here's why:

Less is more, a cliche that never gets old

When I edited this photo, my task was to take away, not add to the image. It was surrounded by other birds, trees and branches, a bird feeder and the snow's color didn't capture well. Cropping solved most of the challenge. A little Perfect Photo Suite eraser and some white balance adjustments, a little more detail for the bird and a lot less for the background. To me, it says more by having less distraction. Does your marketing say what it is supposed to say without distracting?

To produce concert video, think like a TV director

Recording and producing video of a live concert performance as a one person crew is challenging. I recently worked with electric harpist Deborah Henson-Conant to record her annual "Lose Your Blues" show at The Center for Arts in Natick, MA (TCAN). TCAN is a wonderful facility in that it is an old firehouse that was renovated into an intimate, flexible arts facility. There's not a lot of room for cameras though and the lighting setup is great for the live audience but not perfect for video.

Taking care of the customer can be expensive but it is the right thing to do

Are you like me and have tried more than once to learn Objective-C and use Xcode to create OS X or iOS apps but just couldn't get the hang of it? I found Nick Smith's Xcode Primer - Visual Programming for OS X recently and it has helped me a lot more than a lot of online tutorials and other books.


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