About Us

Lewis Studios offers comprehensive marketing and video storytelling services in the New England area. Our marketing services range from strategy development to implementation and optimization of website, social, email, video and traditional marketing. Whether you need to share the highlights of a meeting internally, produce a training film or replay your live event as a recorded web video we can help you plan, capture and produce your story through our photo and video storytelling services.

Our primary expertise and services are in:

  • Integrated marketing strategy and planning
  • Optimizing the performance of digital marketing
  • Website assessment, design and development
  • Video storytelling and video production
  • Editing, titling, special effects and all aspects of post-production
  • eLearning and training video development
  • YouTube and video marketing

We are focused on serving the needs of small and medium New England businesses that do not employ their own marketing and video production experts.

Marketing Services

Conversations that drive behaviors
Marketing is rapidly shifting from advertising and one-way promotion to buyer-driven conversations with your brand. The content you offer needs to provide value on its own, not simply promote your product or service, if you want to be found by prospective customers. Understanding the buyer’s journey and offering the right content, at the right time is part of a conversation your brand is having with the market. Delivering that content on the right devices, in the right mobile responsive formats is no longer optional. Understanding what keywords will resonate with your audience and providing valuable content that uses those phrases and words in context is essential.

Lewis Studios can help you develop and apply consistent, data-driven processes to continuously improve the performance of your marketing. Whether setting up Google Analytics for the first time or performing deep research on SEO and SEM strategies we can help you make your website work better for your business. We can help you develop email marketing strategies that nurture, and keep warm, leads from those that aren’t ready to buy or that need to know more. And we can turn your website and social media into tools for earning email contacts that will want to receive and open your email so you can stop wasting money on lists.

Many of our customers start their partnership with Lewis Studios with a marketing review whether of their website, their email marketing plan or their entire marketing strategy. Our business model builds customer self-sufficiency to whatever degree our customers’ desire. So, if you want to run with our recommendations and do all the work yourself, our report will not hide key information that forces you to work with us. If you’d prefer to hire us to work with you or do the work for you, we are delighted to provide complete services. We can also take a hybrid approach and train your staff as we go so they can do more of the work in the future. Your business objectives drive our strategies, not the latest trends and fads. We’re quick to use new technologies and tools when they fit your objectives but we won’t drag you into places that won’t further your goals.


Telling your story
Effective corporate communication, sales, marketing or training begins with a great story. Our goal is to help you create and tell great stories about your business, your plan, your goals, your product or whatever you need to communicate. Our services begin with planning, scripting and directing and end with your professionally edited and produced story suitable for video marketing, training development or DVD distribution.

Lewis Studios has extensive experience in sales, marketing, training, elearning and all aspects of audio, photo and video production. We’re good at photography and video but we’re more than that – we also understand what you need to accomplish with your finished production and can help you get it right.

Begin at the beginning
If you want to tell a great story you need a great plan, an excellent script, effective direction and quality production. We don’t come in with a camera, ready to shoot. We partner with you to develop an effective plan and script and then we work with you on directing instructions and rehearsals before we ever pick up the camera.

Capture the key story elements
We believe in a storytelling approach and prefer to shoot in a style that captures the story rather than one long, boring video that captures every word and slide but loses the story in the tedium. If you need to record presenter and slides for a pre-recorded presentation we can help you do that but it is a different process than recording a live presentation of similar material. Let us show you the difference and help you captivate your audience.

Enough, but not too much, post-production
You hire us to make your story come alive not hide it behind dazzling effects. Titles and special effects along with good editing should support the story and make it better, not take the attention away from it. Our approach is to tell your story through clean edits, appropriate use of titles and other text overlays and sparing use of special effects designed expressly to draw the viewer into your story.

The result you need, the way you need it
Whether your objective is a training film on DVD, a marketing video on YouTube, a pre-recorded presentation on your website or any other use and format we can produce your story in a format, scale and style that work for you. We also offer basic Adobe Flash programming and eLearning development services if you need your video to branch, pause and wait for a click, loop or take other actions to make it interactive.

A la carte services
Our specialty is helping you plan, capture and produce your entire project. We are ideal for customers that do not have in-house video production capabilities. We can offer our services to assist you with editing footage you’ve already captured, titling video you’ve created and various other specific tasks if that is all you need.

Web Assessment, Design and Development

Telling your story online
Your website is an important component of how you communicate with your customers, citizens, students, community or other constituents. Applying the integrated marketing and storytelling focus from our marketing services to your website can increase the value of your site to your audience and your business.

Content, Content, Content
In real estate, the mantra is location, location, location. On websites, it is content, content, content. In today’s audience-centric media, content provides the value and content gets you found. Our web design method is content first. Whether words, audio, photos, video or combinations make the most sense for your business, our design will feature the right content, in the right formats for the right audience on the right devices.

Did we mention content?
Because content is such an important part of your website, it is important that authoring new content be easy. Most of our designs leverage the WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS) to provide ready-made content platforms with easy authoring tools, editorial review processes (separating author from publisher, for example) and rich support for Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce and other functions through extensive plug-in libraries. You shouldn’t pay us to reinvent the wheel. We leverage plug-ins that perform well and solve real needs.

Customization the right way
Sometimes we do have to customize your site by developing functionality that isn’t available in the core platform or a well behaved plug-in. For example, we developed a database of conservation lands, land stewards and volunteers for a recent conservation trust project and built custom WordPress pages to display an overview table, individual trail pages and a complete guide to conservation lands in the town from the database and folders of photos and map images. In this case the custom development allowed for entering data only once and displaying it several different ways. The client could’ve done it all without customization but would have had to enter, and maintain, the data about each property in 3 – 4 different places in the CMS.

Measurement and Improvement
We don’t just analyze your needs and deliver a site with a “good luck” and handshake. The best way to make sure your website performs optimally is to experiment, measure and adjust repeatedly. Using Google Analytics and other measurement tools, we test the changes we make to your site and continue to refine words, colors, button placement and many other elements that lead to the best performance.

Get Started
Many of our clients began with an assessment of their current site. Our assessments are driven by marketing requirements, not just looks and performance. We don’t hold back anything in our reports. You can follow the recommendations yourself, with another vendor or with Lewis Studios. Please use our contact form to inquire about our services.