We spent a lot of time going over Donor / Member / Volunteer Management solutions for small non-profits recently. Many are just too expensive. Some lack the right features. Others are just too complicated. When the dust settled, the one we feel is best for most small non-profits is Little Green Light.

Little Green Light (LGL) has a good feature set for non-profits including those with memberships. LGL’s documentation best read as if the people writing it know what non-profits do. It isn’t a commercial CRM system adapted to handle donations. LGL includes the ability to merge data to email and documents for outreach campaigns, donation acknowledgement and more. LGL offers a free trial so you can see if it fits your needs. And LGL has a data importer that doesn’t assume all you have right now is some contact info in a spreadsheet.

After our in-depth look which included installing and testing several solutions and talking to existing users of others, we decided to recommend LGL and to become an affiliate. We are offering consulting services to customers implementing and using LGL.

We now offer consulting services to help you with planning, implementing and using the Little Green Light solution.

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