Ditch cable but still get DVR

We’ve enjoyed the savings from ditching cable TV for a few years now. And now it is even better. Just installed EyeTV, from elgato, on Mac Mini with a Hauppauge WinTV ATSC tuner stick I had laying around. We can pause live TV, record shows easily, see an on-screen program guide and program schedules and recording from the guide, and we receive just under 50 channels. All the major networks, some movie channels, music video channels, even a shopping channel. Fortunately, Eye TV also makes it easy to edit out the channels we have no use for (like that shopping channel). Easy to operate with Mac remote so we don’t need the keyboard + mouse laying around the coffee table.

This is the same Mac Mini we use for Amazon Instant Video and Netflix streaming so an added bonus is no need to switch sources anymore when we watch a rented movie instead of broadcast TV.

No need to pay for DVR service to cable or another company and the software cost less than we used to pay for one month of cable.

You can buy a kit with the software and a tuner stick or, if you already have a compatible stick, just the software, in their online store.