Still sending your newsletter by regular email and have no idea how many people open it? Wishing you had an easy way for people to sign up for email from you but not sure where to start? Have a great journey to take new members or donors on but not sure how to drip the lessons or content to them automatically?

Lewis Studios can help you plan, implement and manage your email marketing campaigns with free or low cost solutions. We recommend Mailchimp for most non-profits and small businesses but our services can help you with any email marketing service or marketing automation solution.

We help you figure out a practical plan that you’ll be able to manage with a small or volunteer staff. There’s no point in setting up a highly complex marketing automation program that you won’t be able to operate when our project together ends.

We also help you map out a few constituent journeys and think through what content you should send them, in what order, and at what intervals to truly on-board them as new members, donors/supporters or volunteers.

And we’ll help you integrate subscribe forms into your website and setup tracking in your newsletters and email campaigns so you know what is getting opened and what is not. You’ll learn to using A/B testing to find subject lines that work so you can improve your open rates and reach more of your constituents.

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