Lewis Studios is changing, sort of

After many years of producing GroupWise utilities, Lewis Studios is going back to its original business and, with that, this site is changing. To our software customers, don’t worry, we still provide GroupWise utilities on this site and still support the software you may have purchased from us such as the GroupWise Automatic Print Utility. Go to the Software page to find the software. Note that some items have been removed for lack of demand. In particular no one was using the Outlook 2000 or Lotus Organizer migration tools anymore so we retired them.

Did you ever wonder why a small software programming company was named “Lewis Studios”? It is not because of the elegant design of our user experience — these are basic utility programs often only used once by a given user. Lewis Studios was originally launched as a photo and video business. Since it was already a business with bank accounts and other business essentials, it became a convenient way to manage the finances of our small side business producing software.

Our focus is now shifting back to photo and film making services, specifically for marketing and training productions, along with marketing services ranging from strategy to partner programs to web design and content marketing.

We are excited about this return to media and story telling and hope you follow us on this journey.

Scott Lewis
Lewis Studios