Conversations that drive behaviors

Marketing has shifted from advertising and one-way promotion to buyer-driven conversations with your brand. The content you offer needs to provide value on its own, not simply promote your product or service. Understanding the buyer’s journey and offering the right content, at the right time is part of a conversation your brand is having with the market. Delivering that content on the right devices, in the right mobile responsive formats is no longer optional. Understanding what keywords will resonate with your audience and providing valuable content that uses those phrases and words in context is essential.

Lewis Studios can help you develop and apply consistent, data-driven processes to continuously improve the performance of your marketing. Whether setting up Analytics for the first time or performing deep research on SEO and SEM strategies we can help you make your website work better for your business. We can help you develop email marketing strategies that nurture, and keep warm, leads from those that aren’t ready to buy or that need to know more. And we can turn your website and social media into tools for earning email contacts that will want to receive and open your email so you can stop wasting money on lists.

Many of our customers start their partnership with Lewis Studios with a marketing review whether of their website, their email marketing plan or their entire marketing strategy. Our business model builds customer self-sufficiency to whatever degree our customers’ desire. So, if you want to run with our recommendations and do all the work yourself, our report will not hide key information that forces you to work with us. If you’d prefer to hire us to work with you or do the work for you, we are delighted to provide complete services. We can also take a hybrid approach and train your staff as we go so they can do more of the work in the future. Your business objectives drive our strategies, not the latest trends and fads. We’re quick to use new technologies and tools when they fit your objectives but we won’t drag you into places that won’t further your goals.