A – Introduction

Lewis Studios’ Page Progress Tracker is a plugin for WordPress that adds several useful functions for sites needing a way for logged-in users to mark and track their progress on various pages and to navigate through hierarchies of pages.

A primary use scenario for Page Progress Tracker is for courses where the course home page is a top level page, the home page for each module in the course is a child page of the course home page and the course pages for each module are children of their respective module home page. We’ll use that example in this document.

Page Progress Tracker includes shortcodes to:

  • See and set the current user’s progress on a page as In-Progress, Completed + Bookmarked or Completed
  • Get the current user’s percent completion of the current page’s children to show course or module progress, for example
  • List pages at a specified progress level or levels for the current user to list bookmarked pages or pages started but not completed, for example
  • Show a list of course or modules page links with the user’s current progress status for each page to act as a course or module table of contents, for example
  • Provide previous – dots – next navigation for a page’s siblings to act as module navigation, for example
  • Show a link to the current page’s parent page to act as upward navigation from course page to module home or module home to course home, for example