C – Setting up a course

Thinking of this course’s page hierarchy, let’s see where the shortcodes go:

  • Sample Course
    • Course progress [tws-childpages-progress]
    • Course introductory content
    • Course table of contents [tws-toc]
  • Module overview pages
    • Module progress [tws-childpages-progress]
      • Module introductory content
      • Module table of contents [tws-toc]
      • Link to Sample Course home page [tws-parentlink]
    • Pages
      • Page Progress Radio Buttons [tws-page-progress]
      • Page content
      • Previous and next pages [tws-prevnext]
      • Link to Module home page[tws-parentlink]

    On a separate “My Progress” page or in a sidebar, it might be good to show the user:

    • Pages they have marked as in-progress but not yet marked as completed
      [tws-user-pageprogress progresslevel=”0″]
    • Pages they marked as completed and bookmarked
      [tws-user-pageprogress progresslevel=”1″]