What a difference a year makes

A lot has happened this past year. Obviously a lot has happened in the bigger sense but I’m talking about the WordPress world where millions of websites live. The block editor has advanced considerably and is headed towards full site editing. Elementor had a difficult rollout of their 3.0 release but has gotten it stable … Read more

Improving our own site performance

The old story goes that the cobbler’s children don’t have good shoes because the cobbler prioritizes customers over his own family. Web designers and developers often fall into the same situation. The slewis.org website has been too slow for too long. We were just too busy working on client sites to pay attention to our … Read more

When anchor tags go wrong (in Divi in this case)

Anchor Tags Anchor tags are useful bits of html. We use anchor tags to jump to a specific place on the page we’re on or on another page. A link can jump to any bit of content with an id assigned but we most commonly use div, p, a or span elements as the targets … Read more

How’d you do that? WordPress, HTML, CSS and more

We’ve shared a few tips recently in the Facebook WordPress for Nonprofits group and Give Community that are worth re-sharing here. Before we get to the tips, here’s a setting we recently found: In your user profile in WordPress, there is a box you can check to disable the Code Mirror syntax highlighting, auto-completion / … Read more

Indents and Hanging Indents

If you’re using WordPress, indenting a paragraph is pretty straight forward. Expand the toolbar and use the indentation buttons (left and right). This paragraph is indented with the indentation button from WordPress. The button works its magic by simply adding padding to the left side of the paragraph. If you switch from the Visual view … Read more