Community Access Television

I participated in a video production basics class given by our town’s community access television station. Though most of the technical bits were old news to me, the class proved valuable in several ways. Production techniques, some old news, some new to me, were covered and I learned more about broadcast production. I have a … Read more

Backgrounds are everywhere

On a recent trip I had a chance to spend some time playing at a playground. We were visiting good friends and stopped at the playground to entertain their children on our way to dinner. Since my camera seems to be surgically attached, I naturally took it along even though we were walking a mile … Read more

Where to start with lighting beyond on-camera flash

Examples of great lighting technique are everywhere these days. There are books, blogs, online training and workshops galore on lighting techniques. The range of equipment and methods can be overwhelming. Where does one start? If you have never worked with lighting beyond built-in or on-camera flash units but have always wanted to create one of … Read more

Don’t abandon that DSLR just yet

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with my Nikon AW100 lately. It is small and light compared the D7000 so it goes with me more often, to more places. I’ve also been reading a lot of blogs and articles lately suggesting that the newer generations of mirrorless or “EVIL” cameras are getting to … Read more

Sometimes Easy Auto mode isn’t an easy, automatic choice

Now that I’ve been using the Nikon AW100 for about two weeks I’ve learned a bit about what it can and cannot do for me. In good lighting it makes good decisions most of the time. In tricky lighting, I am learning that it is best not to let it make all the decisions. I … Read more