Indents and Hanging Indents

If you’re using WordPress, indenting a paragraph is pretty straight forward. Expand the toolbar and use the indentation buttons (left and right). This paragraph is indented with the indentation button from WordPress. The button works its magic by simply adding padding to the left side of the paragraph. If you switch from the Visual view … Read more

Keep your website updated!

While looking at a potential new customer’s website recently we found it had been infected with malicious software that causes any visitor’s computer to use up to 50% of its processing power to mine cryptocurrency unknowingly. This organization shares a hosting plan with another organization and both of their websites had the same malicious code. … Read more

We recommend Little Green Light

We spent a lot of time going over Donor / Constituent Relationship Management solutions for small non-profits recently. Many are just too expensive. Some lack the right features. Others are just too complicated. When the dust settled, the one we feel is best for most small non-profits is Little Green Light. Little Green Light (LGL) … Read more

Security Matters

Customers sometimes ask us to explain the value of our managed website services. There are easy and obvious parts. For example, hosting services and the developer subscriptions to tools we use to build sites get allocated across the customers that use them (at a much lower cost than customers buying them individually). Other parts are … Read more

Trust is not everlasting

Security Icon

A recent series of attacks on WordPress websites have come from widely used, previously trusted plugins. In most cases, the authors had sold their plugins to another company and that new company injected malware in an attempt to monetize their new asset or do harm. Checking your themes and plugins for vulnerabilities and trust-ability is … Read more