Introducing Page Progress Tracker

Do you have a member site built on WordPress that offers courses or other content that your users need to track their progress through? We built a Page Progress Tracker plugin that we are now testing with a few selected customers. Here’s an introductory video tour: Highlights: Put a shortcode on pages where users need … Read more

Customizing WordPress

We’ve been building websites for clients that need customized functionality. WordPress is still our go-to foundation but we’ve found that adding a little admin capability and some front end user experience enhancement through customization makes for great solutions. If you want to build your own customized WordPress sites, we recommend Toolset Components quite useful. If … Read more

Why so quiet?

You may have noticed we haven’t posted to this blog in a while. Why? Well, we’ve been a little busy launching a subsidiary that focuses exclusively on website services for conservation and land trusts. It is called Trail Websites and it has come a long way in a few months. You can learn a lot … Read more

Less to more, more to less or separate?

When it comes to serving content to users of multiple devices, there isn’t one clear path. Progressive enhancement (less to more) defaults to a simple view and adds enhancements where it can. Graceful degradation (more to less), starts with the most complete experience and takes things away when it has to. And sometimes separate sites / pages or dedicated Apps for tablets and smartphones works best. 

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WordPress Themes: Free, Fee or Custom?

When it comes to modern Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, there are many themes to choose from. Themes are packaged sets of styling and scripting that present your content in various layouts and with various functionality. Some themes, like the ones that comes with WordPress, are free. Others cost money and often come in free and “Pro” versions where more capability is unlocked in the paid version. Or you can pay a lot of time and or money and get a custom developed theme.

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