What Google forgot to tell you about Analytics Setup

Perhaps they don’t consider it much of a problem, perhaps they want you to look at all sources of traffic and decide how to interpret it for yourself, or, perhaps, they want you to think you get more traffic than you really do for some other reason. Whatever the reason, your Google Analytics data is full of non-traffic and non-legitimate traffic sooner or later. There are steps you can take to clean up the data and the views but since you can’t edit the stored data after it is collected, it would be nice to know these steps in the beginning!

There are three major sources of bad traffic data (not all bad traffic data is actually even traffic!):

  • Ghost referrers
  • Bad crawlers and fake referrals
  • Perfectly good crawlers and spiders that, nonetheless, cloud your view

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Why is better than which

With our intense focus on analytics, experiments, A/B testing and big data, we’re living in rich times as far as data driven, continuous improvement of marketing. Yet most of us would agree that marketing is both art and science. If we know one version of an ad works better than another by looking at the … Read more