Integrated traditional, digital, social and mobile planning Trying to incorporate digital, social and mobile into your marketing strategy? Feeling like they are add-ons, not integrated elements of the plan? We develop new media marketing from your brand, products and services, partners and customers. You should be putting resources into these forms of marketing and you … Read more

Website Services

Your website is an integral piece of a larger digital marketing strategy. Whether you generate interest through social media, online advertising, search, offline advertising, networking events, publicity or other means, your website will most often host the landing pages you aim to bring the prospects to. Lewis Studios specializes in designing and developing websites that … Read more

Photo Video Storytelling

Complete support for your project Planning, scripting and directing consultation Photo and video capture and production Post-production including titles, effects and navigation eLearning development and training videos YouTube and video marketing Prerecorded presentations with slides and video Learn more about our storytelling services