Who are you attracting?

Searching for information on digital marketing might leave you with the impression that the point is to generate as much traffic as possible. That may be true if you’re marketing a consumer product with a target market of, well, everyone. What if you’re a business marketing to other businesses in a narrow category of products … Read more

Does your content help buyers buy?

Over the last decade or so, I was happy to see some sales methodologies adapt to a world where the customer knew a lot about your company and product or service before they ever talked to a salesperson. It makes sense to see your sellers as assisting the buying process rather than driving the selling … Read more

Inbound Marketing Rx for success

Outstanding inbound marketing is not possible until you can wrap your head around the audience’s point of view and needs. It is that simple. Break away from your company and your products long enough to understand what your prospects need to find and engage with your brand and products. There is an overwhelming amount of … Read more