Be genuine or don’t bother

If you are on LinkedIn, you have probably received an email that starts with something like “Hi Scott, I was browsing Linked-in and wanted to reach out to you.”emailfail

Sure, the mistyped “Linked-in” is a signal this is probably not worth reading but it looks good compared to what follows. The email goes on to introduce the seller, their company and what they do. Not bad, but if you’re writing me because of something you saw while browsing LinkedIn, why not open with what about my profile caught your eye while browsing? At least then I might wonder what you offer that has something to do with something about me or my business.

It gets worse. The description of the company and its products or services is fine. Except that it clearly isn’t anything I have any need for at all. I was selected for this message because the sender was browsing on LinkedIn? Really? While browsing, did you read or just look at the pictures?

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Why is better than which

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Who are you attracting?

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