Project idea

I was reading Michael Clark’s “Storytelling” blog entry over at Nikon World (no longer available at Nikon World) and was reminded of the National Geographic editors’ rule that “you haven’t covered something if you haven’t explored it from 360 degrees” as Michael puts it. This gave me the idea to do a photo project to practice those skills. If you’d like to play along and develop your own skills, pick any subject and explore it from front, back, left, right, top and bottom and all the angles in between. See how the light hits it from each direction. Are there backlit views? Silhouette? Reflections? Shadows? How does the light fall on the surface? How is the contrast between shadows and highlights? Lots of texture or flat lit? Beyond light, do some angles show more detail or create more mystery? Which view best tells the story you want the photo to tell?

Have some fun with this idea. Try it on people, pets, a rock, a car, a glass orb, whatever strikes you as an interesting subject. Can you find something you can shoot from 360 degrees around the outside AND from the inside? What possibilities does that create?

Underwater with the AW100


I wrote about the Nikon AW100 around the beginning of the year but have just now had the chance to really use it underwater so here is an update.

We just returned from a peaceful vacation in the Caribbean. We stayed in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, close to Grace Bay Beach. How close? It was about 3/10’s of a mile walk from our front door to the water. Much less expensive than staying on the beach with no excuse for not getting in the ocean every day.

The photo accompanying this article was not post-processed. You can see that the sharpness is good but the color has a little too much green cast. I found that the green cast issue depended heavily on where the sun was in relation to the picture angle. Of course it also depended on depth and whether the water was clear and calm or all stirred up.

I shot quite a few stills and a few videos of coral and fish with generally pleasing results. The AW100 doesn’t replace a full DSLR in an underwater bag or housing but it does a good job for a vacation camera. It also shot very good land shots making a good only camera for a winter warm-up trip.