Cowboy Studios

I recently purchased a Cowboy Studios backdrop support kit from The kit arrived with a broken knob on one of the adjustment screws. It looked like it was damaged in shipment but it is hard to say for sure. Amazon’s customer service has always impressed me but I had a shoot coming up and … Read more

Using the key moment in an ad

Continuing on theme of key moments and using change to draw the viewer in, have a look at this T-Mobile UK ad: Note the use of the Dire Straits “I want my MTV” and how things change at the points where Mark Knopfler’s guitar kicks in at around 1:34. Then see the changes in the … Read more

Success Story Video

Last time I wrote about success storytelling. I made a 12 minute video explaining my thoughts on success story videos. If you’ve made hundreds of success story videos I think you’ll find much of this to be basic but you may find the focus on key moments useful. If you’ve never made a success story … Read more

Basic Success Story Formula

The most successful success stories follow a simple formula. Most experienced producers of success stories have a standard set of questions they aim to answer in the video. They usually look something like this: • How was it before? • What made you decide to change? • Who helped you? • What did you do? … Read more