Taking care of the customer: The right thing to do

Are you like me and have tried more than once to learn Objective-C and use Xcode to create OS X or iOS apps but just couldn’t get the hang of it? I found Nick Smith’s Xcode Primer – Visual Programming for OS X recently and it has helped me a lot more than a lot of online tutorials and other books. His style of teaching fits my style of learning and he forces enough practice on the reader to make things “stick”.

There’s a problem with the code in one section of the book that seems to be due to the immense complexity Retina displays have created for Apple’s image APIs and the requirement to have double sized versions of each icon size for an application. Nick has been putting in overtime trying to fix the error. He bought a Retina Macbook so he could see what I and another reader were experiencing. It’d be nice to see him rewarded for working hard to take care of his readers like this (only two of us have ran into the problem so far). I don’t know what he spent on the Retina Macbook but I know it was more than what two readers spent on a $6.99 eBook!

If you are in the market for OS X or iOS programming books, check out any of his books. I have no financial interest in them but I’ll feel better about using up this much of his time on this one issue if he sells a few more books for being so customer focused.