The Wonder List

I just finished watching episode 1 of “The Wonder List”, Bill Weir’s storytelling series on CNN. The series was filmed by Philip Bloom in a documentary style in places many of us will never have a chance to visit. Still, these places are at a cross road as Weir says as he challenges us to examine our own thinking of whether development and change is good or bad for the places and people and asks us who we are to have a view on what is best for them. A good reminder not to judge without walking in the other person’s shoes — or, in this case, lack of shoes. A thread through episode 1 is the work of photographer Jimmy Nelson and the question of whether he is helping, exploiting or both. The questions in the summary comments seemed to match my own thoughts. I’m not sure I want the answers to be discovered too fast.

Any storyteller videographer can learn from Bloom’s approach and comments about the gear and what it took to shoot this series. Fortunately, Philip has blogged about his gear choices and shared behind the scenes commentary from the first 3 episodes.