Telling your story

Effective business communications, sales, marketing or training begins with a great story. Our goal is to help you create and tell great stories about your business, your plan, your goals, your product or whatever you need to communicate. Our services begin with planning, scripting and directing and end with your professionally edited and produced story suitable for video marketing or training.

Lewis Studios has extensive experience in sales, marketing, training, elearning and all aspects of audio, photo and video production. We’re good at photography and video but we’re more than that – we also understand what you need to accomplish with your finished production and can help you get it right.

Begin at the beginning

If you want to tell a great story you need a great plan, an excellent script, effective direction and quality production. We don’t come in with a camera, ready to shoot. We partner with you to develop an effective plan and script and then we work with you on directing instructions and rehearsals before we ever pick up the camera.

Capture the key story elements

We believe in a storytelling approach and prefer to shoot in a style that captures the story rather than one long, boring video that captures every word and slide but loses the story in the tedium. If you need to record presenter and slides for a pre-recorded presentation we can help you do that but it is a different process than recording a live presentation of similar material. Let us show you the difference and help you captivate your audience.

Enough, but not too much, post-production

You hire us to make your story come alive not hide it behind dazzling effects. Titles and special effects along with good editing should support the story and make it better, not take attention away from it. Our approach is to tell your story through clean edits, appropriate use of titles and other text overlays and sparing use of special effects designed expressly to draw the viewer into your story.

The result you need, the way you need it

Whether your objective is a training video, a marketing video on YouTube, a pre-recorded presentation on your website or any other use and format we can produce your story in a format, scale and style that work for you.

A la carte services

Our specialty is helping you plan, capture and produce your entire project. We are ideal for customers that do not have in-house video production capabilities. We can offer our services to assist you with editing footage you’ve already captured, titling video you’ve created and various other specific tasks if that is all you need.

Photography Services

We offer professional photography services whether to capture still photos for use in a video production or for use as images on your website or in your other marketing content.