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Lewis Studios offers website design and development services to build new websites or upgrade existing websites to be more productive marketing tools, better support visitors using mobile devices and be easier to measure and manage.

Website services.
Website services.

Once we build or upgrade your website, we’ll work with you to analyze web traffic, run search marketing experiments and use the results to continuously optimize your marketing content and website for good search placement and conversion of website visitors to eventual customers.

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With your knowledge of your business, products and services and customers, and our skills in marketing, storytelling and technology, we can turn your website into an effective marketing resource.

Lewis Studios also offers fully managed website services. You focus on your business and work with us on content while we take care of keeping the site secure, keeping the content and technology updated and optimizing search and conversion results within your budget. If the complexity of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, cyber security, image sizing, call-to-action creation and other web marketing challenges have kept you from putting web marketing to work for your business, our managed services may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

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A recent example:

Littleton Conservation Trust, Littleton, MA

Need: Littleton Conservation Trust (LCT) hadn’t touched their website in over 6 years. It was built with Homesite and the volunteer that used to manage it had long since moved away. Their content was woefully out of date, new conservation lands had not been added and the event listings were long out of date. The site suffered from having data duplicated numerous times to present information about the various trails and conservation lands in different places for different purposes. Updating content required too much work and it was easy to end up with non- matching information about the same trail in different sections of the site.

Screenshot of LCT Website
Screenshot of LCT Website
Solution: Lewis Studios developed a WordPress based solution that made it easier for non-developers to manage the basic content. We integrated Google Maps for their locator map and Google Calendar for their event calendar. To centralize the data on the trails and conservation lands, we built a custom MySQL database to act as their master data source. We then built a mini-CMS for them as a front-end to managing the trails database and a set of WordPress custom page templates to present the trails data in the various needed forms.

We also built a printable, downloadable trail guide dynamically from the database. We replaced a contact page that had trustees’ email addresses in clear text with a contact form and trail issue reporter form that sends email from the PHP backend scripts based on context (ie. Lookup and email the associated trail steward based on the selected trail on the issue report form). LCT trustees and public feedback on the new site is very positive.

Sample: This site is live. You can access it at