New River Land Trust

image of home page of NRLT's new website
New River Land Trust’s new website
New River Land Trust (NRLT) found Trail Websites via social media. They wanted to improve their website to make it easier to maintain and navigate as well as improving support for devices with small screens and touch interfaces like smartphones and tablets.

As with many of Trail Websites’ customers, NRLT had great content about their conservation work, properties, organization and programs. They just needed some help presenting it in an up-to-date way and a better way to make changes in the future.

The staff as NRLT put a great deal of thought and effort into evaluating their current content, documenting needed updates and gathering media to support the words with imagery, downloadable assets and graphics.

The end result looks great and presents NRLT to the community in a professional, organized way that helps people appreciate the mission and work. Visit the site to see what we created together!

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