Nikon AW100

Today I enjoyed some fishing with a new AW100 in my pocket. I only had a few chances to take pictures and one or two movie clips but so far I am impressed. It will take more time to determine if this camera is good enough to be the one and only camera on a vacation where I don’t want to lug around the DSLR and lenses. I know I’ll miss a longer reaching zoom as well as the width of the 10mm end of the 10-24mm zoon on the D7000 but enough to want to carry the big kit? Probably not. So then it becomes a question of picture quality and whether I can live with not much manual control. The big plus, of course, is this can also be the snorkeling camera and without having to haul the Ikelite enclosure I’ve been using on my Canon compact S series.

I’ll be adding some sample photos and a more detailed review as I get more usage with this new camera. For the curious, mine is orange and the first accessory will be a different and floating strap.

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