Introducing Page Progress Tracker

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Do you have a member site built on WordPress that offers courses or other content that your users need to track their progress through?

We built a Page Progress Tracker plugin that we are now testing with a few selected customers. Here’s an introductory video tour:


  • Put a shortcode on pages where users need to be able to mark progress as in-progress, completed + bookmarked, or completed (still working on it, done but want to find it again easily or completely done, respectively).
  • Put a shortcode on pages (like module or course home pages) where you want to show percentage completion of child pages (that are not parents) to show module or course completion percentage. Output is just a number so you can put it in a sentence like “You are 50% done with this module.” or use it some other way. Could also be styled into a progress meter with some CSS.
  • Put a shortcode on the bottom of the page to provide automated page-to-page navigation
  • An additional shortcode will show a user the pages they have marked as in-progress, completed + bookmarked or completed or any combination thereof. Especially useful for showing them pages they need to finish and completed pages they wanted to be able to find again easily.

Contact us if this is something your site needs and you are willing to join our beta test program. Being in the beta program means you are willing to risk the plugin not working perfectly and that you will do your best to give us feedback to make the plugin better. While highly unlikely, the plugin could break your site during this testing phase of development.

Why so quiet?

You may have noticed we haven’t posted to this blog in a while. Why? Well, we’ve been a little busy launching a subsidiary that focuses exclusively on website services for conservation and land trusts. It is called Trail Websites and it has come a long way in a few months. You can learn a lot about it at

The short story is that Trail Websites designs, builds and operates websites that help conservation and land trusts raise more funds, be more friendly to mobile devices and get people outdoors. We offer a complete solution where we manage the technology and the trust can focus on their content.

We’re creating a lot of innovation because we can spread the cost over all customers. The business is very efficient due to its niche focus.

The Wonder List

I just finished watching episode 1 of “The Wonder List”, Bill Weir’s storytelling series on CNN. The series was filmed by Philip Bloom in a documentary style in places many of us will never have a chance to visit. Still, these places are at a cross road as Weir says as he challenges us to examine our own thinking of whether development and change is good or bad for the places and people and asks us who we are to have a view on what is best for them. A good reminder not to judge without walking in the other person’s shoes — or, in this case, lack of shoes. A thread through episode 1 is the work of photographer Jimmy Nelson and the question of whether he is helping, exploiting or both. The questions in the summary comments seemed to match my own thoughts. I’m not sure I want the answers to be discovered too fast.

Any storyteller videographer can learn from Bloom’s approach and comments about the gear and what it took to shoot this series. Fortunately, Philip has blogged about his gear choices and shared behind the scenes commentary from the first 3 episodes.

More evidence that you need video in your marketing

image of video for marketing
Syndacast’s “Video Marketing Statistics and Trends 2015” report concludes that 74% of internet traffic will be video in 2017. It also found that more than half of marketers worldwide now report that video marketing has the best ROI. Lots more convincing statistics in their infographic.

Interestingly, video isn’t just good on its own. Syndacast also found that using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.

Meanwhile, Guillaume Delloue (@willthefrench) has a guest blog on Hubspot with some great suggestions of how to use produced video early in the sales cycle and live video later in the sales cycle to increase conversions.

Are you using video in your marketing yet? Need help getting started? Lewis Studios can help.

Worldwide Arduino Day March 28th

I’ve been enjoying hacking together hardware projects, mostly involving sensors, with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. If you’re involved with or interested in Arduino, you might enjoy taking part in an Arduino Day event on March 28th.

If you aren’t familiar with Arduino, they are a family of small, micro controller powered circuit boards with a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs. They are typically programmed in C or C++ in a simplified environment that includes at least a setup and main loop that uses the included library to get or set the values of inputs and outputs. From there you can go far with sensors, wireless radios, wifi or ethernet add-on boards (add-on boards are called “shields”) and more.

Visit the official site to check the map for an event near you:

Arduino Day 2015