ON1 2024.1 released

My go-to tool for managing my photo library and editing photos is ON1 Photo RAW. ON1 Photo RAW 2024‘s first update, 2024.1, has been released with some nice enhancements!

Color Wheels for Enhanced Color Balance

Enjoy more intuitive color adjustment controls with the addition of color wheels to the color balance filter in Effects.

Flexible Properties Inspector

Users of Photo RAW 2024 will enjoy increased flexibility with the ability to roll up or nest the properties inspector, optimizing your screen real estate. You can collapse the layers details, for example, to have more room to work on develop parameters or an effect.

Relative Offset for Capture Date and Time

Perfectly sync capture times across multiple cameras by adjusting the date and time with a relative offset. Imagine you shot a wedding on two cameras and then discovered one had been correct for daylight savings time and one wasn’t. Now you can use a one hour relative offset to sync them up properly instead of either setting all the shots from the off camera to one specific time or editing them one at a time.

Improved Performance

Experience seamless transitions from Edit back to Browse with enhanced performance, eliminating waiting times. Even on my 2019 MacBook Pro, ON1 keeps getting faster. I love a software company that keeps working on performance, not just adding features.

Additional Updates

New camera and lens support along with bug fixes for an even smoother editing experience. My cameras and lens were already covered but if you have a very recent kit, you’ll likely find it covered now too. RAW files from over 800 cameras are now supported.

I am an ON1 affiliate. I make a small commission if you buy their products from my links. If you are interested in Photo RAW, take advantage of their 30 day free trial.

On1 Photo RAW

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