Going Native

We’re nearly done moving Trail Data Managerâ„¢ into the WordPress admin experience. Soon you will be able to manage properties, trails and stewards and the relationships between them) entirely within WordPress for even easier, more integrated Conservation and Land Trust websites. Some reasons this is a very good thing:

  • Improved search and SEO as all content will be available to WordPress’ native search
  • Ease of use as managing properties, trails and stewards will be a lot like managing posts and pages
  • Tighter security as there will no longer be separate accounts and passwords for property, trail and steward content managers
  • Simpler backup and recovery as there will no longer be a separate database for properties, trails and stewards — just backup WordPress properly and you’re all set
  • Compatible with more themes as most content is now presented through shortcodes, not page templates that work with specific themes

This new version of Trail Data Managerâ„¢ is fully functional and is now in final quality assurance testing. We expect to be using it with all new projects in 2016.

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