Trail Mapper Demo

Image of Trail Mapper Demo page
Trail Mapper Demo
We’ve just released the first generation of our trail mapper demo page. This is a simple page where you drag and drop a GPS track file onto the map and it shows the track on the map. It also creates a Trail Data Managerâ„¢-ready string of points. You can copy and paste the string from the text box on the page into a Polyline field on a marker in Trail Data Managerâ„¢ to add a trail to the dynamic parking, trailheads and trails map for one of your properties.

Files must be in .kml, .gpx or .geojson format. If you have a .kmz file, unzip it first to get the doc.kml file which can be dropped onto the map.

The demo page is based on Google’s Javascript API for Maps developer example code with additional functions added for handling the different file formats and producing the Trail Data Managerâ„¢-ready data.

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